Fireworks or Lightning: Video

The audio is available for free/pay what you want download from our bandcamp site:

Finn’s Motel – Fireworks or Lightning on Bandcamp

The Story of the Video

Back in February of 2020, we were working in the studio the normal way: all four of us in the same place working together. We were making a lot of progress. Some songs were reaching completion and final mix, while others were being finished up. Then, things got serious with the Coronavirus becoming clear that it would be a pandemic. We all went into ‘stay-at-home’ mode. Being creative people, it wasn’t long before we started looking for ways to express ourselves while staying physically apart.

As part of my day job I had recently learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to do video editing/production. I was itching to try a video for the band but we hadn’t really started anything in earnest. In a flurry of instant messages, ideas were tossed back and forth about which song would be a good one to try. The idea being that each guy would video record himself in his own home/studio space using a phone or whatever mechanism was available and then I’d edit it all together.

We chose the song “Fireworks or Lightning” because: a) it was already recorded and darn-near finished, b) it lent itself to visuals, and c) it didn’t have any lyrics that might make people think it was about the Coronavirus in any way (that we could see).

Steve recorded himself playing along with the song in his bedroom. Scott used a variety of locations in and around his house and Big Tree Studio in Valmeyer, IL. Jack played drums in his Rolltop Studio down the road from me here in Affton, MO and did some tambourine in a secret, secure location. I did my bits in my basement room (with incidental dog) studio with the help of my partner Gina Dill-Thebeau who served double duty wrangling pups Rex and Moo Moo so I didn’t break character too many times. I edited us all together. Final mix and master of the audio was done by Jack and just like that we had a new video to share.

One last note about the song Fireworks or Lightning: I wrote it in around 1996-97. I’ve been carrying it around for almost 25 years because none of the previous recordings – with bands or solo – ever quite got it right. Some of the tracks in this version were done in 2007, but, it also didn’t feel right at the time. As we started working on it late last year, it started to finally feel right. We hope you agree. Thanks for listening/watching. We’re looking forward to playing it live as soon as it’s safe to do so.



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