Reviews for Fireworks or Lightning – from around the globe!

The reviews are coming in for the new Finn’s Motel album, Fireworks or Lightning. Check ’em out!

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Matt Hickey (our hero) at Magnet Magazine (USA) says, “We’ve championed Finn’s Motel for years, and they’ve rewarded us—and you—with the outstanding new Fireworks Or Lightning (Victory Over Gravity). From from the catchy opening salvo of “In A Cosmic Waiting Room” and the propulsive “More Heat Than Light” (more cowbell!) through the chiming, Church-esque “Drive On Tomorrow” and the closing melancholy of “Sunset Over Your Neighbor’s House,” the quartet…delivers another fine LP full of melodic, literate power pop.”

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Don Valentine’s excellent UK blog, I Don’t Hear a Single, says, “One of the main benefits of covering the new and under appreciated is that you often get a Wow Moment! It may be a new band that just grips you or someone you know who produces a completely unexpectedly great album. Finn’s Motel fall into the former category. These moments don’t come as often as you might think. So when they do, you just have to tell everyone.”

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Old pal from way back in the day, Brian Q. Newcomb, says, “Thebeau’s breadth of influences are revealed in the acoustic folk harmonies of “Empty Hearts Returning Triumphant” and the simmering slow opening of “Sparkler Bombs” which builds steadily to its climax. Other straight-ahead rockers like “More Heat Than Light” erupts with a great solo, while honoring seminal power pop and hard rock sounds. It’s driven by a narrative of growing up in America’s suburban countryside, and seeking meaning in the common experiences of life, from the view of someone who’s lived well and long enough to tell the tale with something other than rose colored glasses.”

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